Cause (someone) to stand immobile through fear.

She is the epitome of Afro-centrism, she is strong and she can't be moved.

Model : Imane Ade


Extrinsic Love


Love her before its too late..


How far would you go to be with the one you love?



Extrinsic Love

A photo series on a real life couple expressing love in this generation; where we lack communication and appreciation. The ones who love and support us the most are the ones we tend to overlook and take for granted. When they are gone we begin to realize that they came into our lives for a reason. She came into your life to open doors you didn’t know existed, to show you other ways of living and loving. Instead you ignored and neglected her.. made her feel more lows than highs. Tell her you appreciate her while she's still around. She knows you love her because your silence speaks volumes to her. She's tired of listening.. She wants to hear you. 

She’s your lover, friend, and healer not your enemy. 

Models: Calvin Geathers and Naja Young