Góblin was what really started it all; well at least what started the conversation and kept it going. You’ve become fascinated with my name and now you’re wondering what it is that I do.  Living in the same Bronx apartment my whole life I felt like a fish in a bowl trying to find a way out.  Intrigued with the unknown, art was the only way I was able to expand the walls of my home. My career started when I decided to pick up a pen and leap into the world of poetry. Writing helped me through tough times of bullying and anxiety. My words created images and I wanted my images to create words. In a nutshell I was able to express years of bottled up anger both helping and inspiring the people around me. Around the ages of 10-13 everything I saw through my eyes I saw as photographs. I became a storyteller.

At a young age I began to learn the art of photography. It was more than just a hobby to me.  In 2015, I decided to teach myself everything I had to know about photography and entrepreneurship. Spending days learning the tricks to Photoshop, light room, logo, and, web design. The process was long and lonely. December 25th, Christmas day was the launch of my website where I displayed the images of friends. Through out my journey I have found purpose, meeting individuals and creatives across the country and in my own community. My purpose as a photographer, poet, sister, daughter, and friend is to Connect. Create. Cultivate.  

Nancy A. Hernandez